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                A Robotic Canine Joins the Dickinson Police Department

The DCPAAA is helping to move the Police Department into the age of Robotics. The DCPAAA is one of the sponsors and contributors toward the purchase of a robotic canine and his vehicle known and renamed as “Officer Shepherd & The Cruiser.” This motorized robot made by Robotronics, Springville, Utah will be used as a community policing tool with students and children throughout the city in programs, fairs, Stranger Danger presentations and special events. A marvel in electronics, Officer Shepherd via a remote system will talk and listen to children, move as if he was actually driving his police car, flash emergency lights, sound a siren, and can douse a fire with his built-in water cannon. 

If you are interested in joining an active organization like the DCPAAA and the COPS program, contact Officer Tony Valdez, or call direct 281-337-6370.

Pic (1): DCPAAA President Carolyn Suderman Along With the Dickinson Police New Canine Robot “Officer Shepherd”.

Pic (2): Students of Truce Cross School talking with “Officer Shepherd” during our Lunch Visit Program.

Pic (3): Canine Robot “Officer Shepherd” along Dickinson Police Officers, DCPAAA Members, Dickinson Police Chief Ron Morales, True Cross Principal Yolanda Agrella and Father Larry Wilson of True Cross.

Pic (4): Students of True Cross taking a group picture with Dickinson Police Department Canine Robot “Officer Shepherd”


Dickinson Student Police Academy From the Holster!

On July 14th 2015, The Dickinson Student Police Academy Class 10 got to spend the day at the Texas City Gun Range. The students were given a class on gun safety and weapon familiarization from fellow Police Range Masters and Safety Officers. The students, under supervision, had the opportunity to fire Sig Sauer P229s, Benelli Shotguns and AR15s (to list a few calibers). The gun range is a day in their syllabus dedicated to firearms safety. Numerous officers from the Dickinson Police Department and DCPAAA Members volunteered their time and came out to assist the students on the range.

The students are in the final classes of their summer program. They are projected to graduate in late August. The Dickinson Student Police Academy is a program to encourage and support those who may be interested in a future career in law enforcement. For details on this program please contact Dickinson Police Officer Tony Valdez at or 281-337-6370.


Sgt. Jim Johnson, Safety Officer John Martinez and Range Master Bruce Stewart showing students of the Dickinson Student Academy how to gain picture sight of a target and finger index the firearm between drills.

  Dickinson Police Officer Fidencio Gonzalez assisting Christian Hebert & Colby Trevino on the firing line during a shooting drill. 




DCPAAA Becomes More Aware of Their Surroundings! 

On June 18, the Dickinson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association was given an incredible presentation on “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events”. The presentation was given by Instructors Montgomery County Sheriff Deputy Jose Amstutz and TGCCPA Vice President Nicolette Amstutz. They are certified in Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response training and also serve as Executive Board Members of the Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association. The presentation had a combination of documented active shooter videos, wounded or killed statistics based on the actions of the civilian directly involved in the incident and a large amount of information on what to do if confronted or involved in an active shooter incident. Several DCPAAA members advised it was one of the best presentations they have attended.

If you would like to know more about the active shooter presentation or would like to join the Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association please contact TGCCPA 2nd Vice President Nicolette Amstutz at  or Deputy Jose Amstutz at

From L to R: Dickinson Police Chief Ron Morales, DCPAAA Members Marilyn Decker, Nyna Burright, Tony Emmite, Instructor Montgomery County Sheriff Deputy Jose Amstutz, Milburn Roco, Suzanne Roco, DCPAAA President Carolyn Suderman, Johana DeAnda, Mary Allen


The Dickinson Student Police Academy at Their Finest!

The Dickinson Student Police Academy started the second week of June and is now in full swing with their summer program.  The students have gone through the patrol procedure and traffic stop presentations and hands on demonstrations.  This week they participated in processing mock crime scenes and evidence processing by Alvin Community College Director and retired police officer Craig Fos.   Among other skills, the students were instructed on how to photograph a crime scene, lift fingerprints from evidence items and draw diagrams of a crime scene.  The students have been very perceptive in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement.  The students will go on through the summer taking the class and hands on activities until their graduation in late August.  The Dickinson Citizens Police Academy (DCPAAA) has been instrumental in the program by assisting in the class room during demonstrations and driving the students to different locations for activities.   All students will become honorary members of the DCPAAA once they graduate from the student academy.   Anyone wanting to join either the next upcoming Dickinson Citizens Police Academy or the Student Academy in February of 2016 please contact Officer Tony Valdez at or 281-337-6370.

From L to R: DCPAAA Member Kay Lowell,  Elizabeth Arciniega, DCPAAA member Nyna Burright, Tania Sanchez, Macie Begnaud, Summer Vela, Skylar Breland, Stephanie Wishart, Colby Trevino, Sophia Zeh, Leonel Martinez,  Officer Tony Valdez, Alex Kelley, Xavier Bautista, Fabiola Rios, Christina Hebert, Andrea Rios, Raul Vargas, Jacqueline Arciniega, Jacob  Coombs, Corbitt Panciera and DCPAAA Tony Emmite. Not Pictured: Teresa Duran, Ayleen Guevara and Jose Jaramillo


Students from the Dickinson Student Police Academy dusting and lifting latent fingerprints off of items during their crime scene process presentation at Alvin Community College.


DCPAAA Kicks the Tires and Lights the Fires on the Black Top

On May 2nd, the Dickinson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association had the opportunity to drive one of the Dickinson Police patrol units on an obstacle course set up and instructed by Dickinson Police Dept. Driving Instructor Det. Frank Price. Det. Price went over the essentials for evasive and stopping maneuvers of the patrol unit and demonstrated how well it handles at high rates of speed and when braking. Members of the DCPAAA drove the course several times throughout the morning and got to experience the feeling the officers have during intense driving circumstances. The Dickinson Police Department uses Chevy Tahoe’s as their patrol vehicle.

Det. Frank Price with our DCPAAA members giving instructions on how to operate the patrol vehicle at different speeds on the obstacle course.

L to R: DCPAAA Members Regina Bush, WIllian Reyes, Jason Reyes, Nyna Burright, Bret Burright, James Dansby, Don Salvato, Tony Emmite, Dwayne Rogers, Richard Melvin and Ron Hebert

DCPAAA Member operating the patrol SUV on the obstacle course. 


Active Shooter Class

Two of our members, Jose & Nickolette Amstutz taught "Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events" to over 50 residents of the Oakhurst Community, in Porter, Texas, located in East Montgomery County.


The Blues

 The Dickinson Police Department was featured in The Blues.


Dickinson Police Department Kicks off Summer Student Police Academy 

Sixteen students from the Dickinson School District and surrounding private schools will be participating in the Dickinson Student Police Academy this summer. The program is going on its ninth year. The program is geared to show students areas in law enforcement. They have classes in crime scene processing, police ethics and firearms.  Students go to the gun range where, in addition to actually firing a handgun, they are taught the basics of firearm safety. The program also has inner workings like teaching them to be accountable for their choices, teamwork and leadership. The program is eight weeks long through the summer and, upon successful completion, the students will graduate and become an honorary members of our Dickinson Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA).  The Dickinson Police Department is proud to be able to support our students and help them become successful citizens of our community

Dickinson Student Police Academy

L to R:

DSPA Students William Morrow, Logan Strom, Caleb Melendez, Chasity Arredondo,  Armando Alaniz, Kaylea Joseph,  Nicholas Zamora, Leslie Hernandez, Hayden Spaulding, Officer Tony Valdez, Tanner Grounds, Evelyn Roman, Devin John, Zoey Price, Jamerica Martin, Faith Blevins and Cameron Blair

My Life My Power


McGruff the Crime Dog Celebrates His 33rd Birthday on July 1, 2013

Iconic symbol of the National Crime Prevention Council celebrates another successful year delivering crime prevention and safety information to communities nationwide


On July 1, 2013, the iconic symbol of crime prevention McGruff the Crime Dog® turns 33, signifying more than three decades of delivering crime prevention messages on topics from gang violence and intellectual property theft to cyberbullying and elder abuse. Since his start with the Crime Prevention Coalition of America in 1980, McGruff has encouraged communities around the country to help law enforcement “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.”

As a result of a “name that dog” contest, McGruff the Crime Dog got his name from a New Orleans police officer, and since 1982, McGruff has helped the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) raise public consciousness and action on issues regarding personal safety, bullying, school safety, identity theft, and cybercrime, among many other issues. Through television commercials, comic books, live appearances, and more, McGruff has consistently encouraged Americans to take common-sense steps to reduce crime.

There are currently 4,000 law enforcement officers actively portraying McGruff in costume all across the country, empowering people to help keep their families, themselves, and their communities safe from crime. With an 83 percent recognition rate, it’s clear that McGruff is as popular as ever.  Every October, which is Crime Prevention month, communities nationwide use McGruff in their activities and events as part of NCPC’s crime prevention initiative called Celebrate Safe Communities.

In the past year alone, McGruff and NCPC have made several notable accomplishments:

  • Hosting NCPC’s first virtual conference on mortgage fraud prevention and sharing new resources for victims of fraud
  • Receiving funding from the U.S. Department of Justice to pursue a safe gun storage campaign
  • Producing a new public education campaign for their elder abuse prevention campaign
  • Entering a partnership with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for an investment fraud education campaign
  • Creating a new animated short video on bullying with the Community Oriented Policing Services Office, U.S. Department of Justice, for young children nationwide, which features McGruff himself along with his nephew Scruff®
  • Embracing technology in crime prevention through a partnership with AlertID, a service that provides a safe way to receive trusted public safety alerts and share information with neighbors. NCPC and AlertID have collaborated on several press releases throughout their partnership to deliver timely and relevant crime prevention and safety information, such as their recent Fourth of July release.

AlertID is proud to support the National Crime Prevention Council, and the nationally recognized McGruff the Crime Dog®, in providing important safety information and alerts that help protect children and families across the country,” said AlertID founder, Keli Wilson. 



Dickinson Honors Volunteers and Officers of the Year

The Dickinson Police Department along with the Dickinson Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association held their annual banquet on Saturday at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Dickinson.

The first part of the program was dedicated to recognizing police personnel: Officer of the Year - Officer Guadalupe Vasquez, Detective of the Year - Detective Frank Price and Communication Operator of the Year - Anna Marie Whelan.

The second part of the program recognized DCPAAA volunteers of 2012 with VIPS Service Awards (Volunteers in Police Service). Honorees were presented bronze and silver Presidential Pins and Certificates for all of their volunteer hours.

The highpoint of the program was a "Platinum - Thanks for your Outstanding Service" getaway package presented to volunteer Damon Brown for his hours volunteered in 2012. Mr. Brown, owner of Brown's Construction ("Built with Heart") since 2003, volunteered over 350 hours and his hours were almost matched by those of the rest of the Brown family!  His name was drawn from all of the Silver Service Award recipients.

The getaway package consists of a limousine ride, courtesy of Crowder Deats to Moody Gardens Hotel for a night stay, fine dining dinner at the Flamingo Steak & Seafood Restaurant and flowers by Crowder Deats Florist. All parts of this 'Platinum Package' were donated by the respective businesses that have recognized the value of the DCPAAA and all of the volunteer hours they contribute. A grateful "Thank You" to each of them!

Pictured Left to Right: DCPAA Volunteer & Councilman Mark Townsend, Detective of the Year - Frank Price, Volunteer & Councilman Louis Decker, Officer of the Year - Guadalupe Vasquez, Chief Ron Morales, Communication Operator of the Year - Anna Marie Whelan, DCPAAA President Carolyn Suderman, Officer Tony Valdez.
Front Row L to R: DCPAAA Treasurer Kathy Velasquez, DCPAAA Volunteer and the "Platinum-Thanks for Your Outstanding Service" Volunteer Getaway Package winner -Damon Brown, DCPAAA Volunteer Nicole Brown, DCPAAA Volunteer Louise Krone, DCPAAA Secretary Marilyn Decker, and DCPAAA 1st Vice President Mary Allen.


The Dickinson Student Police Academy Starts Off with a Kick!

The Dickinson Student Police Academy Class 7 has started for the summer. The program is nine weeks and consists of nineteen students which range from ages 13yrs to 18yrs old. The students will be able to process mock crimes scenes, conduct felony traffic stops and go to the gun range to list a few sessions. Upon completing the program the students will become honorary members of the Dickinson Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA). The picture was taken at Al Garza’s Premier Martial Arts-3455- I45 during self defense training. Future students if you want to have some serious fun please Officer Tony Valdez at (281) 337-6370 or

Pictured from Left to Right:

Chief Ron Morales, Zach Brown, Hugo Trejo, Angel Enriguez, Master Al Garza, Lorenzo Nallie, Suanne Urban, Alexandra Zachria, Nick Brown, Dustin Saldana, Rafael Arce, Gabriella Salas, Allen Eames, Amanda Helms, Shaira Ramos, Brenda Becerril, Jesus Cruz, McKinnley Bowers, Ana Borrego, Chase Lee, Student Academy Instructor Jenna Lussier.

Dickinson Police Student Police Academy

Fun in the Sun: Oakhurst residents celebrate Memorial Day with barbecue family fun day

The organizers of the Oakhurst Memorial Day celebration had deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, (Jose Amstutz), on hand to direct traffic and hand out pamphlets on how to stay safe during the summer.

San Leon Elementary School Career Day

On May 4, 2012, San Leon Elementary School hosted a Career Day.  Dickinson   K-9 Police Officer Bruce Stuart with Meka, and Community Police officer Tony Valdez shared information about their jobs and what it takes to become a law enforcement officer. The students were very interested, had a lot of questions and both officers agreed that it was one of the best Career days ever!


National Crime Victims Week Observed

On Sunday, 04/ 22/ 2012, ceremonies were held at the Texas City Police Department signaling the start of National Crime Victims Week. Victims of family abuse as-well-as survivors of domestic violence are recognized throughout Galveston County in a variety of programs. Here members of the Dickinson Police Departments Honor Guard present the colors signaling the start of the program and the week of special recognition.

Pictured in the Honor Guard Left to Right

Sgt. O. Stoker, Officer L. Vasquez, Officer J. Smith, Officer T. Watson


Dickinson Citizens On Patrol Assist with Crime Victims Walk on the Galveston Seawall 

On Saturday, 04/28/ 2012, members of the Dickinson COPs program provided support to the National Crime Victims Walk as volunteers braved strong winds to walk in support of crime victims throughout the nation. The COPs units monitored the progress of the walkers and were there to offer assistance to any who had problems.

Left to Right: COPs members: R. Hebert, C. Boling, Jerry Garry, S. Newberry, (Not pictured – J. Coker, C. Hayes) and DPD Liaison Officer Tony Valdez.


Dickinson Police Department Earns the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program Award! 

In the 1990’s the Texas Police Chiefs Association sought ways to improve law enforcement operations in Texas. One result was the creation of the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program. Through this program, police departments throughout the state are encouraged to increase educational requirements, develop a “Code of Ethics’, develop an effective Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Units, and work with the state agency to develop statewide competencies (TCLEOSE).  Participation in the program is voluntary but carries with it mandatory compliance of 164 Best Practices for Texas Law Enforcement and a four year cycle of annual reports and proofs of compliance.

In 2010, Dickinson Police Department Chief Ron Morales initiated the process of bringing this department in to compliance with the Best Practices criteria. Captain Jay Jaekel was given the task of coordinating the documentation and compliance process. All supervisors and many officers throughout the department provided input, gathered the necessary data and through their direct efforts made it a true departmental study. The process involved electronic submission of data and on-site inspections by certified examiners from other departments and the Best Practices organization. The result of their effort was rewarded when on 12/21/2011, the department was notified that it had successfully completed all phases of evaluation and earned the Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices Recognition Program Award!

While the process involved was long and detailed, the benefits of being a “Recognized” department are multiple. Perhaps the most significant are the establishment and implementation of clear and consistent policies, addressing necessary and mandated training in critical areas, the use of performance evaluations designed to give meaningful feedback to employees, and addressing the use of proper and necessary equipment. Clear policies tell how the department wants things done and minimizes arbitrary decisions. Adequate training in the tools, laws, and procedures that an officer will use in the course of duty address the most acceptable way in which to complete a task and lessen the possibility that he/ she will end up as a defendant in a civil court. Required feedback on performance based evaluations enhances an officer’s ability to improve, to grow professionally, and to document skills/ abilities that allow for future professional growth. Finally, with the structure of ‘best practices’ in place, all officers as-well-as the community share a sense of confidence in knowing that each officer has demonstrated competence with the weapons, laws, and tools at his/ her disposal.

The Dickinson City Council and the citizens of the community share a sense of pride with the Dickinson Police Department in achieving an important step that reflects the commitment of DPD in establishing and maintaining a positive, progressive, and professional program!


League City Receives Two Awards From National Association of Town Watch


The League City Police Department has been recognized by the National Association of Town Watch as a National Award Winner for outstanding participation in the 28th Annual National Night Out program.   The City was one of only 39 similar-sized cities in the nation to receive the award and one of only 5 in the state of Texas.  The department organizes local registration for neighborhoods and community groups, and assists those groups by providing bags with safety materials and brochures as well as National Night Out and League City Police Department giveaways.  The League City Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, other City staff members and elected officials visit each of the registered neighborhoods to help promote crime prevention and safety.  More than 35 communities registered for National Night Out in 2011. 

“National Night Out is one of the best community events the City hosts.  It allows us all the opportunity to get to know our neighbors as well as City staff, such as police officers and firefighters, who we can call upon in an emergency situation.  It really brings everyone together, “ said Mayor Tim Paulissen.  “I am extremely proud of the work the police department does to organize National Night Out, and very pleased they are being recognized for this amazing community and police partnership.”

In addition to the National Night Out Community Events the League City Police Department also participated in the National Night Out “Project 365”.   All National Night Out host organizations are asked to designate a particular 'problem area' in their community and work toward correcting that problem within an estimated 365 days.  Officer Christy Galyean of the League City Police Department targeted Snug Harbor, an abandoned apartment complex with a high rate of police activity.  Typical police calls to the area over the last four years include: noise disturbance, narcotic activity, abandoned vehicles as well as one homicide.  Officer Galyean took the initiative to visit the property in 2010 and found a number of dangerous conditions including, trash piles, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, bee hives, drug paraphernalia, broken glass and razor blades. In addition, there was no fence to secure the area.   She photographed the area and she and others in the police department began working with the City’s Code Compliance Department to declare Snug Harbor a dangerous building.  The city worked to obtain bids for demolition, asbestos abatement, bee removal, and other demolition costs.  The City then worked with the bank that had the lien on the property to have the building demolished.

“The demolition of this building makes the entire area a more pleasant place.  It’s not only a safer environment for the those who live near the area, but it’s also helped to discourage criminal activity in that area in the future, “ said Acting Police Chief Doug Wologo.  Wologo encourages the police department’s area coordinators to continue to participate in the National Night Out program and is already working with the team on a “Project 365” target area for 2012.


TGCCPA Member Receives National Award from the Attorney General


Attorney General Eric Holder, head of the U.S. Department of Justice, presented TGCCPA member Rob Barnes with the 2011 award for Outstanding Community Outreach Efforts during a recent visit to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Houston.  Rob currently serves as the Community Relations Coordinator and Deputy Security Manager for the USAO, after having been a county and federal law enforcement officer in Houston since 1990. 

Also honored for the competitive national award were federal prosecutors Bob Stabe, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division and Assistant U.S. Attorneys Sherri Zack and Megan Paulson.  Together, the four team members developed and launched a multi-media crime prevention and community outreach effort entitled “Internet Safety—It’s Not Just the Computer Anymore.”  To date, almost 4000 people have seen the presentation throughout the region as part of the DOJ Project Safe Childhood goal to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. 

Attorney General Eric Holder has made one of the department’s four key priorities the protection of those most vulnerable – children, the elderly, and victims of hate crimes, human trafficking and exploitation.  “Through their work in urban, rural and tribal communities – and through cutting-edge online efforts – these individuals are advancing bold, innovative and collaborative solutions to keep our children safe from all forms of exploitation and abuse,” said Attorney General Holder. “By focusing on prevention and intervention, as well as proven enforcement and prosecution strategies, these award recipients are strengthening our ability to protect children in need and at risk, and to bring offenders to justice.”‪

Since its launch in January 2010 the program’s continued growth and development in the Southern District of Texas includes a total of 12 Assistant U.S. Attorneys along with Rob making presentations, in both English and Spanish, to teachers, school administrators, parents and youth. 

The U.S Attorney's Office serves 43 counties from five offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, and Laredo.  Duties of the Office include prosecution of such federal crimes as bank robbery, fraud, public corruption, human trafficking, child pornography, and organized crime;  handling civil litigation for federal agencies; and collection of debts owed to the federal government. 


Residents clean graffiti off signs in communities

While spending time with her father during spring break vacation, Desiree Amstutz noticed the prevalence of graffiti on streets signs and concrete walls throughout the community.


Though they were about to go see a movie, Desiree knew there was something she could do.

Desiree started cleaning the graffiti off of the signs and concrete with the help of her father, Jose Amstutz, in the Kings Mill subdivision then later areas around Loop 494 and the Kings Manor subdivision with all of their own supplies.


“It was the right thing to do. God did not create the earth for us to trash it. I wanted to be a good citizen, so when I saw all of the graffiti, I wanted to find a way we could clean up some of the signs and make the neighborhoods look cleaner,” Desiree said.


Even though it was her spring break vacation, Desiree worked side by side with her father to clean various forms of graffiti off of the signs using a special compound, gloves and towels.


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